Berufe mit Immobilien – welche sind generellmöglich?

In general, there are different job descriptions in the real estate sector, some of which overlap and then there are sometimes different names for the same work. For every job that has something to do with real estate, I have therefore written many articles in my blog that inform you about the entry requirements, tasks, job profile, earnings and career opportunities.

As you may already know, I have been working in the real estate sector for a very long time. Nevertheless, I can understand quite well that it can be difficult to get a good overview at the beginning. That’s why I wrote this article. In the following I would like to provide brief introductions to the various professions. You can then click on what sounds interesting to you and you will then be taken to the detailed articles on the individual profession, which leave no questions unanswered.

Real estate agent / real estate clerk

Real estate agent is a recognized training occupation that requires a high school diploma. The future real estate agents learn and work in a company during their three-year apprenticeship and attend vocational school at the same time. After completing the training, the trainee has an IHK qualification in his pocket.

Real estate agents usually work for housing associations, real estate agents and housing companies and sell, buy or rent properties, advise customers, work in administration and in the field, carry out marketing measures, check and prepare contracts or plan individual measures in the real estate sector.

Such an apprenticeship as a real estate agent is one of the best-paid apprenticeships in all of Germany and after starting this occupation, people have many career options to choose from. In this context, many trainees ask themselves how much does a real estate agent earn. At the same time, it is possible to specialize in different areas and to gain further qualifications through further training in order to be able to handle more difficult tasks and also to take on management positions. Training as a real estate agent conveys important knowledge and basics in many areas related to real estate and is therefore a good basis for gaining a foothold in this industry.

Real estate appraiser / real estate appraiser

Real estate appraisers and experts are two different terms, but both mean the same profession. While colloquial speech usually refers to experts, authorities and courts usually use the term appraiser.

The tasks of the real estate appraiser include the preparation of reports in the field of real estate. For example, they determine the value of properties that are to be rented, bought or sold, usually on behalf of banks, private individuals and companies, or analyze whether investments are worthwhile. In everyday life, the real estate appraiser is most likely to encounter them when it comes to determining the value of inherited real estate.

Even in the case of damage to real estate, for example due to fire, pests, water, mold or traffic, they are often commissioned to carry out the assessment. With such an expert opinion, these clients, such as courts, authorities, private individuals and companies, are able to correctly assess the facts in order to take appropriate measures. To do this, they use their special expertise in the individual departments.

Since only people with verifiable and extraordinary expertise and many years of experience can be used as experts, they cannot learn the profession directly after school through an apprenticeship.

Real estate economist

The person concerned cannot take up the profession of real estate economist directly after school through training. Real estate economists are active in the real estate industry at manager level and must be trained real estate agents. They must also be real estate managers certified by the IHK or have completed a degree at the university and at the same time have completed a special course to become a real estate economist.

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